Day: July 27, 2017

Cherished by Two (Soul Match #2) by Morticia Knight

Cherished by Two (Soul Match #2) by Morticia Knight

Soul Match Book #2-You really need to read Slave for Two before jumping into this one.

Chris has just met with the supreme healer for the Alasharians and now knows there’s a difficult task set before him. One that will restore balance between the alien race and humans.

He’s also learning his role as Nasha to both Nary and Lasar while keeping of the facade of being their sex slave instead of bonded mate.

During a meditation session Chris learns more about the void that destroyed the Alasharians home planet, not knowing who to tell and who can be trusted becomes a game of skill.

All must be put aside for a sex party where we see just how horrific things have become.

With this triad, the lesson here, is never to lose hope.


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