Day: July 12, 2017

Fishy Riot by Lindsey Black

Fishy Riot by Lindsey Black

Taylor Jameson and his twin brother Clay are both Riot Officers. They draw the short end of the stick and are sent with their team to watch over a bunch of rich, spoiled kids on a yacht for a fundraiser. Taylor decides he’s had enough of the crowd and ventures below under the guise of checking everything out.

Siesta Salisbury is the reclusive son of a politician. Nobody has seen him in ages so when he appears on the yacht and gives a speech it’s a surprise to everyone.

After events turn from organized chaos to downright chaotic it’s everyman on deck. The newspapers get a picture of Taylor and Sietta and it appears to be intimate.

When Taylor goes to apologize to Sietta, Taylor and Clay find the whole thing to be rather fishy and suspect. From there things only go south.

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Hush by Tal Bauer

Hush by Tal Bauer

Judge Tom Brewer is a baby judge with the federal court. For over 20 years he’s lived in the closet; a life of solitude. After an experience in college he decided it was for the best.

U.S. Marshall Mike Lucciano is an out and proud gay man. After one of the worst days of his life he confides in Judge Brewer that him and his boyfriend broke up, which makes Tom rethink everything. Especially the ways he’s lived, or not lived, for the past 25 years and spring hope into his being.

Deciding to take baby steps, Mike takes Tom to the DC Pride March. They remain on the outskirts but Tom is fascinated at the acceptance.

Then, everything goes terribly wrong, when there is an assassination attempt on the Russian president and Mike and Tom see it happen.

From there Judge Brewer becomes assigned to the case of the suspected terrorists behind the plot and Mike doesn’t want to leave his side.

With the battle of Tom’s past, Mike his present, Russia readying for war; what does the future hold?



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