Day: July 5, 2017

Just Add Argyle (Fabric Hearts Book 3) by KC Burn

Just Add Argyle (Fabric Hearts Book 3) by KC Burn

Tate is a known disturber of the peace. He can’t hold down a job, always late on rent to his mother, who thinks he’s a worthless piece of garbage. All because Tate has a mental disorder that makes understanding numbers difficult.

Jamie is an EMT and military veteran. He suffers from nightmares and PTSD.

When Tate single handedly attempts to take down two assailants about to rape his former co-worker, Tate becomes an unexpected hero. Jamie is the EMT called in and when he sees the red haired beauty he can’t stop thinking about him. He has to find him.

Just Add Argyle is a story of two people suffering in different ways and finding peace after tragedy strikes.

Dreamspinner Press:

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