Day: May 18, 2017

Only His Touch by Elsa Winters

Only His Touch by Elsa Winters

Kurt used to love who he was, once he truly figured himself out. Until one fateful night when everything changed. He now sees himself as damaged, broken goods, not worthy of a relationship. Intimacy is something he believes he’ll never find again thanks to the scars; mentally, emotionally, and physically left upon him one night many years ago.

James is the owner of a local wine bar and instantly wants to get to know Kurt on a more personal level after meeting him at an event. Only James’s demons come back to haunt him on a regular basis. ┬áThe past never stays where it’s supposed too.

Between Kurt never taking off his shirt, James’s past and reputation, along with a few other intense curve balls thrown there way; intimacy seems to be a lost cause.



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