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Lord of Ravens (Inheritance Series #3) by Amelia Faulkner

Lord of Ravens (Inheritance Series #3) by Amelia Faulkner

*Trigger Warning: Child Abuse*

Laurence and Quentin are moving forward in their relationship; Laurence testing the sexual waters.

Things seem to be running as smooth as they can with these two when Quentin’s father used magic to track him down and approach him. He has two weeks to come home and fulfill his duties as Duke.

Laurence finds out how Quentin obtained his magic and struggles with knowing. All the while he finds out he too has magic and has to find an instructor in order to be able to fight Quentin’s dad.

Both must go through great journeys in order to move forward not only in their relationship but their growth as individuals.

Between Quentin’s dad’s threat, a last resort attempt to get Quentin home, Laurence finding the truth about Quentin’s past, and his new found magic this book is wild, crazy, full of emotions, and the best of the series so far.


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Throwback Thursday: How one word can change the course of a story.

Throwback Thursday: How one word can change the course of a story.


Gather round everyone and I’m going to regale you with a tale of how I stumbled upon my first MM scene.  It was completely by accident.  Upon looking at the cover and reading the blurb I believed it to be MFM, and not MMF.  Talk about being pleasantly surprised.  The story was Alien Savior: The Arathians book #1 by Nicole Krizek.  The funny this is, that the blurb clearly states that the two male MCs are mated.  In my mind though I’m thinking “Good Day Mate”; that they were the best of friends and shared a bond.  Well, they shared a bond alright.  It was when one of them went down on the other that my eyes shot out of my head and I just stared at the book.  I remember thinking, “What in the hell have I gotten myself into?”  The wonderful voice that speaks to me in my head sometimes responded with, “possibly delicious sexy times.”  So I relented to the voice and continued.  Thank goodness for that because the story was amazing.  I immediately became addicted and might have read it more than once.  I plead the fifth.

The gist of the story is that The Arathians were a sterile alien race.  An unknown and regrettable side effect to an inoculation injection.  Though they lived many years they could no longer reproduce.  The male population outweighed the female by an excessive amount.  Many times one female would have multiple male mates.  (I just heard a collective sigh and many “only if that were true”s coming from the audience.  And don’t I know it!!)

When Kor and Ty were on a mission they stumbled across a human, from Earth, being sold as a slave.  This was against all laws and they quickly rescued her from her peril.  She couldn’t return home so they took her to their home.  And this is where the story gets even more “interesting”.

There are three books in this series:

Alien Savior: MMF

Alien Rescue: MF

Alien Incursion: MMF

I’m going to leave the link to the bundle.  They are also on KU so take advantage and give this sci-fi series a shot.  I can tell you if you love sci-fi and menages you’ll absolutely adore this series and be left slightly turned on.  😉

The Arathians Series:

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